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Trailer is basically a vehicle that involves unpowered pulling by using a powered vehicle. These days’ trailers are used for a variety of purposes. Everyone wish to have an efficient trailer bearing which will help them in transportation of heavy material. That is why it’s important to choose the best trailer bearing for having a safe traction. The bearing plays a very crucial role in offering you a smooth and delightful ride. It prevents the friction from reducing the speed of your vehicle and unnecessary wear and tear of the trailer’s part. If you are not using the right type of bearing, the load on the trailer will grind the movement of the wheel down to standstill. A person thinks upon a variety of aspects before choosing the best trailer bearing and race products for their vehicle. Bearing clearance is one of them. It is having a great impact on the life and cohesiveness of trailer bearing.


We can supply a variety of trailer wheel bearing replacement kits available in market that usually consist of races, cotton pin, outer and inner bearing and grease seal. The standard quality trailer bearing and races product contains the industry standard identification number printed on each race and bearing that serves as the symbol of purity and high standards. They are designed exclusively for high speed use. High quality raw material is used for making the trailer bearings and races which offers great durability. You can buy it in a variety of diameters.
Our company-Jingheng Industry only dedicated to offer high performance bearings and races from CMC bearingTIMKEN bearingchinese market.we can supply them seperately and with the hub or rotor body .even a newbie can manage to install these equipments without any difficulty. Most of the products are provided with the complete information about the quality, setup and installation method which makes it easier for the trailer owner to select the best one. The modern installation facilities are helpful for both the customer service representative and expert installer in installing the trailer bearing race products without any inconvenience.

Bearing#Bearing I.D.ApplicationRace/Cup#Race/Cup O.D.
L681491.3775"Inner bearing set for 3500lb axles or 10"Hub/RotorL681112.3612"
L446491.0625"Outer bearing set for 3500lb axles or 10"Hub/RotorL446101.980"
255801.75"Inner bearing set for 5200/6000lb axles or 12"Hub/Rotor255203.265"
151231.25"Outer bearing set for 5200/6000lb axles or 10"Hub/Rotor152452.4409"
255801.75"Inner bearing set for 7000lb axles or 13"Hub/Rotor255203.265"
14125A1.25"Outer bearing set for 7000lb axles or 13"Hub/Rotor142762.717"
255801.75"Inner bearing set for 7200lb axles or 13"Hub/Rotor255203.265"
024751.25"Outer bearing set for 7200lb axles or 13"Hub/Rotor024202.688

Tapered roller bearing Introduction:

1. Tapered Roller Bearings belong to separated bearing, constituted by inner ring, outer
ring, rollers and cage; 2. Tapered Roller Bearings Withstand huge radial load and axial load, pass one-way axial load only; 3. The single row tapered roller bearings are used commonly; 4. The single row tapered roller bearings are divided into single row tapered roller bearing, double row tapered roller bearing and four-row tapered roller bearing;



225255UCGrease seals which are generally known fluid seals, oil seals and dirt seals perform the function of closing the spaces between the moving and stationary components of a mechanical device or equipment. It not just helps in preventing the lubricant space but also stops the contamination from entering the
machinery during the damp conditions. It plays a significant role in achieving the high level efficiency performance in various industries such as agricultural, manufacturing, automotive and industrial. The bearing which is used in the equipments comprises of numerous essential components and it’s
always reliable to protect them by using an efficient grease seals. It provides safety to the constructed assemblies even in the harsh application.
Well it’s very important to choose the right type of seal for your equipment or machine. Experts always recommend to go with the trusted manufacturers and suppliers as they use the precise sealing design which will easily get fixed with the original components. This will increase the life of your machine and
the machine will offer a reliable and consistent performance for long duration. Industrial seals are available in a plethora of sizes from zero to 13 inches. You can also find the grease seals in multiple metric and high-temperature varieties. Grease seals are available in different designs such as heavy duty, oil
rings, labyrinth, multiple lip, light duty etc. which are used for specific functions. It is made by using materials like fluoro-elastomer, PTFE, polyacrylate, silicon, tetrafluoro-ethylene, leather, urethane etc. These seals are usually installed after the bearing. Depending upon the requirement of the machine, they are either seal in or out. Before selecting the oil seal, it is important to know about the environment in which the seal will be operated. The use of pioneer quality advance bearing seal will efficiently stop the lubricant escape in the machinery.


Chemical analysis

Chemical analysis

Physical property testing

Physical property testing








seal LOGOFor the seals used with hub,rotor and drum,we highly recommend our products,they are widely accepted by US,AU customers like FORD,SGMW,NISSAN,etc.hope it would fully meet your request too.


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