Drilled Slotted disc brakes

JINGHENG supply a wide variety of high performance brake rotors available as solid/vented rotors,Cross-Drilled, Cross-Drilled and Slotted, bearing rotors,designed to improve the braking system,we only supply high performance products in good quality control ability.


We have the ability and experience to supply you custom made/tailor designed slotted & drilled disc brake rotors according your request or drawings.check our samples first,what we dedicated to do is to provide really valuable solutions or choice for you.we are manufacturer/factory based,NOT a retail company,so please kindly ask our staff for a MOQ or stock list available,thanks


Drilled Slotted disc brakesUsually purpose of drilled or slotted Brakes disc is to increase the surface area of ​​its contact with the air in a given size, it is a good heat dissipation.slotted surface can remove dust on the brakes and brake pads generated by the friction and dust by a scribe groove eventually scattered into the air, thus avoiding the rolling friction due to dust, increasing the friction between the brake discs and brake pads . because of uneven drilled or slotted rotor surface,air flow around the surface of the disk to enhance the thermal efficiency, avoid heat build-up.


Drilled brake discs are also useful for carbon clearing(generated when the brake pads and disc friction), any possible debris can affect the braking effect of the brake disc,hard object can scrath the disc surface.this is the advantage of the slotted and drilled rotor that the debris can run into the inner space of the disc body and they run out of the wheel


Please note that DO NOT drill the disc by yourself,Improper drilling could crack the disc and seriously affecting safety.we only advise you to useprofessional factory’s slotted and drilled brake disc rotors,because they are more reliable.


Reduce the heat!

Reduce the warping!

Reduce the braking distance!


drilled car disc rotor,slotted

drilled car disc rotor,slotted

drilled car disc rotor,slotted

drilled car disc rotor,slotted

Drilled Design

Improve the brake performance by 20% Effectively shorten braking distances, enhanced cooling effect. Under hard braking, the pads create a vapor layer that can actually make it difficult to keep the pad in contact with the rotor surface. Cross-drilling provides a path for that gas to escape rather than building up between the pad and the rotor



Precise Holes

Precise Holes

Precise Holes
The use of large automatic CNC equipment, automatic processing to achieve high-precision hole diameter and plate body precision positioning.



HT250 material along with US-G3000 standard,
Disc surface hardness BH ≥ 187-241; Disc surface tensile strength ≥ 245N/mm2,All make the brake disc has a longer service life.


Finished Quality Acceptance Standard

Finished Brake Discs must have no casting flaws, Scratch or collision.damages on the surface are not
allowed. All burrs, edges and corners shall be clean, and shall not leave traces of black and rough machining casting


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